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About Us

Background & Business Activities

YPS is a strategic software development organization dedicated to building cost effective business solutions that utilize technology to improve business processing.

Our team consists of Business Analysts, Custom Software Developers and Project Managers with experience in a variety of software development technologies and computer languages, giving us the edge needed to compete in a dynamic market where no one technology fits the needs of every client.

We adhere to a set of development principles and have a team of the finest developers to ensure projects are successfully completed in the most cost effective manner possible.

Software Development Principles

• Members: each with a minimum ten years software development experience.
• Coordination: software developers that have worked together many times before.
• Leadership: coordinating of skill-sets and production to fulfill client expectations.
• Approach: more than one software developer familiar with project intricacies.
• Skills: technical relevance; the appetite for solutions that are both practical and logical.
• Flexibility: the ability to respond quickly to changing specifications and goals.
• Agile Methodology, short Release Cycles, Peer Review, and Continuous Communication: throughout project.
• Passion for the Art of Software Development

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